Green smoothie bowl recipe of banana, mango, broccoli & superfood

Broccoli in a green smoothie bowl?

Don’t let the broccoli throw you off! This amazing vegetable has so much benefits for your body, besides; it brings a really nice texture and a unique taste to this recipe. In combination with banana, mango and honey it becomes a delicious, naturally sweet and filling green smoothie bowl.

Broccoli benefits for your body:

Broccoli has amazing antioxidant benefits plus about twice the daily recommended amount of vitamin C (for your immune system) and half of vitamin A (antioxidant and protects from daily toxic). It will also give you plenty of calcium, iron, fiber, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, magnesium and much more.

Broccoli is also great for detox, to help lowering cholesterol and to keep our vitamin D metabolism in balance.

A yummy green smoothie bowl with sweet fruit is the best way to ‘sneak’ this healthy vegetable and all its benefits in to your body.

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