Cranberry and banana paleo cookies recipe

Cranberry in this paleo cookies recipe

The canberries in this paleo cookies recipe, not only give the cookies a sweet taste and that moist structure, they also give these cookies a real healthy boost. These sweet, yet low-calorie, red berries have great health benefits.

Cranberries are probably best know for preventing Urinary Tract Infections. But besides that, they prevent certain types of cancer, improve immune function, decreased blood pressure and more. This is because of their high nutrient, vitamine and antioxidant content.

Energy booster

I make these cookies to take to work, where also my colleagues love to steal some. I have them as a snack between meals, they give me the energy for the rest of the day and this because of the fructose, the natural sugars of the fruit. Try this sweet paleo cookie recipe as your healthy snack and fall in love with them; easy yet SO delicious!!

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