extra virgin coconut oil fr hair

Miracle stuff: Extra virgin coconut oil for hair

I haven’t been to a hairdresser in over a year! And detect my split ends; I have non! Wanna know how? Apart from -regular- shampoo and conditioner, a coconut oil hair mask once a month is the ONLY hair product that I use. Read here how to get rid of split ends and dry hair!


extra virgin coconut oil for hair

Extra virgin coconut oil for hair

Good extra virgin coconut oil is a true miracle product. I swear by the extra virgin coconut oil of Amanprana cuz of its very high quality and also its fresh guarantee. I have this product permanently in my kitchen as well as in my bathroom.

Not only can you make delicious recipes with it, it’s a great natural moisturizer, aftershave, teeth whitener, make-up remover and hair mask too!

Yes, all that in just one product! That’s why it has to be of really good quality. I can’t stress that enough because I will show you below that cheap coconut oil is definitely not the what you want to use! My hair gets really soft because of it, is less frizzy and my curls get an energy boost. Have you ever tried coconut oil? I LOVE to hear about your thoughts and experiences, share them below or use #HighOnHealth with your before and after pictures!


How to use extra virgin coconut oil for hair?

* For the ease of things I like to put the coconut oil -with lid on- under the hot water tap or au bain marie for about 3-5 minutes. You will see that the coconut oil becomes liquid.

* Next, I distribute the oil, using a tablespoon or simply poring on my roots and hair, straight from the jar. Then I brush it through my hair to distribute it evenly.

* Don’t be afraid to use a lot! When doing my coconut hair mask, my hair literally looks like I just came out of the shower, that’s how much I use!

* When your hair is all covered, put a towel on your head like a turban or put it up in a shower cap. Let your hair soak in all the goodness of the coconut oil for -I recommend- at least an hour. You can also leave it in overnight and sleep with it. Basically, you can never overdo the use of it. For example; when on holiday, I often just leave it in for an entire day and go in the sun with it.

*After an hour, a night or an entire day, you can remove the coconut hair mask by taking a shower.

* First wash it out with warm water then just wash your hair with your shampoo. With me it usually only takes one wash until its out, but if it still feels too greasy; wash it a second time with shampoo, you won’t need conditioner. Then just let your hair dry naturally (always better than the hairdryer). End enjoy your shiny locks!

extra virgin coconut oil for hair

After an extra virgin coconut oil hair mask

Why is extra virgin coconut oil so good for you?

° It penetrates and feeds the hair better than other oils
° Makes dry frizzy hair glow from the inside out
° Increases the body’s resistance to infection and disease (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoic)
° Combats aging and reduces oxidative stress
° Hydrates the lips and makes chapped lips disappear
° Increases the absorption of calcium
° Protects the linings of the stomach and intestines
° Supports the growth of beneficial intestinal flora
° Adds flavor to your meals
° Reduces hunger pangs


coconut oil for hair close up


One coconut oil is as good as another; WRONG!

Let me tell you the story of a friend of mine. She heard about my hair product secret, being coconut oil, and saw this on a picture which I posted. She went out and bought the first coconut oil she could lay her hands on. A plastic jar with a creamy unscented ‘coconut oil’ inside. So like she had read on the caption of my picture, she applied it and let it sit for about an hour. When she washed it out… it did NOT come out. 3, 4, 5… 10  times washing it with shampoo, but it kept on being greasy and refused to come out. She did everything and with a head full of shame she desperately went to the hairdresser explaining her problem. They could not get it out either and after a long struggle they decided to die her hair (in her own color) and THAT finally was the sollution to her bad coconut oil problem.

There are so many kinds of coconut oil lately but don’t think they are all the same because they are NOT!

Many coconut oils are made from “copra” that is a process where the coconuts are being dried out in the sun. This process takes days and the coconuts start to oxidate and mold. Additionally they are walked on by chickens, birds, goats and dogs and no attention is being paid to health. The copra is than brought to a factory where it is being pressed, refined, bleached and deodorized. They take out the scent so that the consumers, who buy it don’t smell the bad coconut oil.

How it should be:

Extra-virgin coconut oil starts from freshly peeled coconuts, then immediately  dried in drying cabinets at a low temperature. The dry shredded coconut is then cold-pressed into extra-virgin coconut oil and immediately shipped to the manufacturer, where they are being sealed in GLASS jars. This is also the way Amanprana makes their coconut oil and why I never doubt about my choice in coconut oil.

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    I TIRED THIS YESTERDAY!! My hair is SOOOO soft!! I am going to do this every 2 weeks now! Great hair tip! Many thanksss, gtz Olivia

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      I love feedback like this! Thanks a lot, Olivia. Go coco on that coco 😉 xx

  5. Jeremy 13 May 2016 at 5:30 AM #

    I ve had itchy ears before for years and often times lead to infection. I applied coconut oil and for 3 days the itching was gone and never came back. I suspected it was fungus since the itching would keep coming back after healing. But the coconut stopped that occurence completely.

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