natural scrub recipe for soft skin

3 steps to baby soft and glowing skin with this easy natural scrub recipe

Today I’m showing you 3 ways to scrub your body. This little skin treat will leave your entire body so incredibly soft. Your feet, legs and arms will be silky smooth, your lips ultra kissable, and your skin will have that healthy glow. Transform the feel of your skin and click ‘read more’ now!

natural scrub recipe for soft skin


Fall brings beautiful colors, scents and comfy knit sweaters. Unfortunately, the return of cold days can also mean dry skin, chapped lips and a vulnerable face. As the wind picks up and the moisture in the air decreases, our skin gets affected. I bring you 3 scrubs that will leave your whole body incredibly soft. These natural scrub recipes can be used on everyone and each skin type. All scrubs need to be mixed and applied directly on the skin then massaged in, using circular movements. After the scrubbing you wash it off in the shower and carefully pad your skin dry, so you don’t remove any natural oils.


 1. Best facial scrub for sensitive skin

For your face you never want over-exfoliate! (here is why) You therefore use a very light scrub. In this recipe I used baking soda, since it is a very thin substance and it has great effect on the skin. Together with extra virgin coconut oil, it decreases scars and spots on the face. Not only are these two ingredients easily available, and probebly already in your kitchen, mixed together they are also highly effective in treating problematic skin. Unlike all the toxic ingredients in normal store-bought facial scrubs and other products, these two ingredients are safe for your skin, and safe to be eaten as well. This is exactly what you need in any products that treats the body’s largest organ from both the outside and inside.
Mix these 2 ingredients together:
– 1 tbs melted extra virgin coconut oil (Amanprana)
– 1 ts baking soda

natural scrub for lips

2. Homemade lip-plumping cinnamon scrub for lips

Cinnamon is truely a fall-flavor, it does not only smell like a cosy evening, getting warm by the fireplace, it actually creates a warming sensation on the lips too. This will work as a natural plumper – smelling of fall!

The coconnut oil melts the dry skin away and hydrates your lips insensely. The coconnut blossom sugar preps your lips to absorb the healing properties of the cinnamon, for a maximum effect.

Mix these ingredients together:
– 1 tbs coconut blossom sugar (Amanprana)
– 1 ts cinnamon
– 1 tbs melted extra virgin coconut oil
natural scrub for body with coconutblossom sugar

Amanprana coconutblossom sugar

3. Baby skin body scrub

Scrubbing your body makes your skin feel very soft. But that’s not the only benefit; by removing all the dead skin cells, it’s also the perfect prep for when you go out in the sun. Doing this scrub before you want to get your tan on, will work as a tan accelerator, make your tan last longer and will make it appear much smoother. When you are scrubbing your body don’t forget spots like your heels, your elbows and hands. These tend to get a bit more rough in winter, and need that little extra attention. This natural scrub recipe will make sure that your dead skin cells are gone and that your skin is very hydrated.

Mix these ingredients together:
– 4 tbs (dead) sea salt
– 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil or almond oil
– 2 tbs honey

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