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My aim with this blog is to show people how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to inspire people with healthy recipes, very easy and without measurements. I hope to inspire people to find their food ideas here, and meanwhile learn a thing or two about what they are cooking and putting into their bodies.


As measurements I work with tablespoons, cups, teaspoons, a handfull, etc…

No one likes to weigh and measure stuff for a simple meal! Besides, I think it is important to leave a bit of creativity to you; the chefs in your own kitchen. I love to see people cook with feeling and taste, not by measurement and calculations.

While doing so, I want to raise peoples food IQ, because in general; we don’t even know half the amazing superfoods this planet gives us. Our planet takes care of us more than we know because our bodies are made to heal themselfs with everything there is to find in nature.


About me

I recently graduated from l’Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts with a history of art and business degree. However I have always been passionate about healthy food and got on the paleo path when I wanted to drastically change my health (for medical reasons). This opened a whole new world of healthy comfort food for me and I started to create my own recipes substituting ingredients for the healthy or paleo alternative.

My cooking is not about giving up things. On the contrary, it is all about experimenting and making it happen, finding ways to make healthier versions of some of the most delicious dishes.

Of course you will also find ‘normal‘ recipes here, but I constantly try to embrace natural ingredients and always try to avoid refined sugars in my recipes.


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