10 skincare mistakes that damage your face

10 skincare mistakes that damage your face

We all have our routine to treat, clean or wash our face but are we doing things wrong? definitely! find out what, in this post.

I present you some of the most comon skincare mistakes, we are all guilty of. I bet Nr 1 already is one of your mistakes too? Am I right?

10 skincare mistakes that damage your face

1. Being unaware of what you put on your skin

We’ve all done it, buying a product because the comercial sais it’s THE product you need. Or purely because a model claims to use that product. Don’t trust what the comercial sais about your -great for the skin- product. If you truely want good skin, you have to educate yourself on what you are putting on it. Read up on ingredients and learn about what you are applying on yourself. Know that price doesn’t always determine quality!

2. Scrubbing too much / too hard

Don’t scrubb off too much of your skin. If you scrub too often or too hard, you remove the layer that acts as your protective barrier against environmental toxins and sun. Some may think that if they scrub hard and often that this will eliminate issues like oily skin. However, in reality this is not the case. When scrubbed too often, the oil production actually speeds up, because skin’s natural repair mechanism is put into overdrive. Only scrub a maximum of 2 times a week, and when you do so, do it with good, natural scrubs. Click here to discover some amazing natural scrub recipes for soft skin.

3. Going to sleep with your make-up on

Ok, ok, you can be forgiven for that one drunken night, but don’t make it a habit. Personally, I can not stand going to sleep with make-up on, and always always, fully clean my face before bed. However a third of us, women, sleep with our make-up mask on twice a week. This is way too much!  Not removing your makeup for the night clogs your pore and oil glands, making your pores larger and ageing your skin drastically!

4. Not applying sunscreen

Sunburns may seem like just a temporary irritation, but sunburns can cause long-lasting damage to the skin. A person’s risk for melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns! Ofcours we need our portion of vitamine-D, of the sun, but in moderate amounts and always protected. When out in the sun, protect your skin, especially the face should always be protected with at least spf20.

5. Lack of sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In big amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, which is a protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic. Sallow skin and puffy eyes are common after a few nights of missed sleep. But it turns out that when this happens too much, it can lead to dull skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. Your skin becomes imbalanced, which leads to a dehydration, redness, and breakouts.

6. Not washing your pillow case frequently enough

Pillowcases gather a buildup of things things like conditioner, facial products and scalp oil that can clog the pores on your face. By dermatologists’ advice, we should change our pillow case at least once a week or more.

Also; change your pillowcases for silk pillowcases ASAP! Satin or silk minimizes permanent creases and skin issues. Persistently pressing your face into a pillowcase causes pressure and lines on the skin. Over time, this stress aggravated by the friction of cotton can cause permanent wrinkles as our collagen breaks down.

7. Eating a bad diet

You all heard it before; you are what you eat. And i never quite got that until I changed my lifestyle into a healthier one and got carefull to what I put in my body. Our food is what our body is made. When something is wrong in your body or with your food pattern, very often the skin is the first place your body tries to comunicate this with you. It always starts with the fuel you put in your body.

8. Turning your shower too warm.

Hot showers can be oh so comforting and relaxing. However hot showers can strip your skin of it’s natural healthy oils, and dry out your skin.

9. Using dirty make-up brushes.

Its a dreadfull job, cleaning all your brushes every so often. But it’s worth it because it’s doing more damage than you think. Good news! They now make it so easier for us to clean them! You can buy a ‘brush cleaner’. With this product you simply spray it on your brushes and dirt comes right off. So invest in a ‘brush cleaner’, to be found at sephora, mac, or probably any make-up store. Clean your brushes often and ensure this way no dirt and old makeup buildup is going to effect your skin.

10. Popping pimples

A pimple occurs when the pore becomes clogged with excess dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria. When you squeeze the pimple, you force the dirt in the pore deeper into the skin. Doing this can lead to a hard, red, painful blemish deep within the skin, can spread infection or even cause a cyst.

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